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Our Team


Anita de Horde

Co-Founding Executive Director

Anita is the Co-founding Executive Director of FfB Foundation. With over two decades of sustainability experience, she leads efforts to mobilise financial institutions to reverse nature loss. Prior to the Foundation, Anita worked for banks and insurers as an asset manager and an impact investor. Throughout her career, she has been a driving force behind initiatives aimed at addressing climate change that lead to commitments and collaboration within the finance sector. Anita started her career in public policy and green politics, working in both the European Parliament and the Dutch Parliament.


Julen González Redín

Technical Director and Working Group Coordinator

Julen is the Technical Director of the FfB Foundation. With a Ph.D. in Sustainable Development and Natural Capital, Julen leads and coordinates the Impact Assessment working group and plays a pivotal role within the Positive Impact, Target Setting, and Engagement with Companies working groups. Additionally, Julen leads the Technical Advisory Group of the Nature Action 100 initiative. Drawing from his environmental expertise, Julen offers a unique blend of technical and coordination skills essential for guiding financial institutions in halting and reversing nature loss.


Natacha Boric

Head of Policy and Positive Impact

Natacha is the Head of Policy and Positive Impact at FfB Foundation. Formerly, she spearheaded content and publications at Finance for Tomorrow, the sustainable finance arm of the Paris financial center. With a bachelor’s in Political Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Economics & Business, she aims to elevate global awareness and action on sustainability. Originating from Croatia’s Plitvice National Park, nature’s beauty fuels her passion.


Diane Roissard

Head of Engagement and Data

Diane, based in Perth, Australia, is the Coordinator of the Engagement with Companies and Target Setting working groups at the FfB Foundation and oversees the development of company biodiversity data. With a Master’s Degree in Financial Risks Engineering and her previous role as the Biodiversity Lead at LBP AM, she brings a unique blend of financial expertise and environmental stewardship to her leadership role.


Francisco Botero

Technical and Data Associate

Francisco is a Technical and Data Associate at FfB Foundation. In this role, he supports the Engagement with Companies and Target Setting working groups while assisting with research activities. With a background at the PRI and FAIRR, Francisco brings expertise in data analysis, policy research, and sustainable finance, helping financial institutions incorporate biodiversity considerations into their investment processes. He brings technical expertise and analytical focus to the team.


Rita Neves e Cunha

Communications Coordinator

Rita is the Communications Coordinator at FfB Foundation. In this role, she drives strategies to foster collaboration among financial institutions, aligning with the mission to combat nature loss. Previously managing communications for nonprofits and a Think tank, her Economics and Public Relations background equips her to craft compelling narratives and engage stakeholders effectively.


Ellie Jones

Community Coordinator

Ellie is the Community Coordinator at the FfB Foundation, where she plays a crucial role in supporting member institutions and signatories in their efforts to fulfill biodiversity commitments. With a background in managing ESG reporting and operations at a sustainable investment firm in London, Ellie brings a wealth of experience to her role. Ellie’s exceptional skills in fostering communities, strategic mindset, and passion for driving positive change make her an invaluable asset to the team.



Jasmine Khatri

COP16 and Public Policy Advocacy Support

Jasmine is Public Policy and COP16 Support at the FfB Foundation. Formerly, she worked in the UK Civil Service on a range of issues, including nature finance engagement, and has experience working on key events such as COP26 and Stockholm+ 50. With a Masters in Environmental Policy, Jasmine aims to bring a global and holistic outlook to her role. 


Heleen van Rooij

Operations Coordinator

Heleen is the Operations Coordinator at the FfB Foundation and is pivotal in ensuring smooth business operations, financial administration, and community management. With a communication and event management background, Heleen brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to her role. Her attention to detail, proactive approach, and dedication to continuous improvement make her an essential asset to the team.