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Working Groups

Foundation members can become active in one or more working groups. We are currently hosting three working groups:

  1. Engagement with companies
  2. Impact assessment (incl. biodiversity measurement and data)
  3. Public policy advocacy

Each working group is connected to one of the five commitments of the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge and convenes between 15-20 financial institutions. In 2022 we will also look into the potential for and/or interest in other working groups, such as target setting, reporting and positive impact.


Engagement with Companies working group

This working group is connected to Pledge commitment 2: ‘Engagement with Companies’. In this working group, members are sharing experiences, new developments and exploring biodiversity-related ESG engagement with companies.

We aim not to duplicate work already done by other (collective) engagement initiatives, but rather to build on this and identify collective biodiversity engagement opportunities. The group has made an inventory of ongoing collective engagement initiatives. Some members are setting up new collective engagement initiatives and inviting others to join.

Co-chairs: Sonya Likhtman (International Business of Federated Hermes) and Arthur van Mansvelt (Achmea IM)


Impact Assessment working group

This working group is connected to Pledge commitment 3: ‘Assess Impact’. Working group members share case studies, best practices and lessons learned regarding the different biodiversity measurement approaches out there. Currently, a subgroup is mapping the existing data (providers) and methodologies, scientific bases and regulation requirements to analyse what data is missing in order to cover all biodiversity topics.

Chair: Liudmila Strakondonskaya (AXA IM)

Publications: For more information on biodiversity measurement tools for financial institutions, see our Guide on biodiversity measurement approaches.


Public Policy Advocacy working group

The Public Policy Advocacy working group is focusing on influencing an ambitious and effective outcome of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) COP15 in (hopefully) 2022. The foundation is an official Observer member of the CBD, which means that the working group can make interventions during the meetings of the Convention and its Protocols and make text suggestions.

In 2022, the working group will look into best practices and strategies to engage with governments on public policy on reversing nature loss this decade.

Co-chairs: Sonya Likhtman (International Business at Federated Hermes) and Emine Isciel (Storebrand Asset Management)

Publications: For more information on the CBD process, see our Financial Sector Guide for the Convention on Biological Diversity.

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