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About the Pledge

Pledge signatories call on global leaders and commit to protecting and restoring biodiversity through their finance activities and investments by:

  1. Collaborating and sharing knowledge
  2. Engaging with companies
  3. Assessing impact
  4. Setting targets
  5. Reporting publicly on the above before 2025

Signatory statements

Read and watch why various CEOs have signed the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge on our signatory statements page.

Signing the Pledge

Any financial institution can sign the Pledge by completing the registration form. We organize several new signatory launching moments per year. Upon signing the Pledge, your organization can also become a member of the Foundation and be active in one or more working groups.

Commitments and guidance

Below you can find the Pledge as well as the accompanying Guidance document that clarifies each commitment, providing sources from different initiatives, experts and organizations and existing examples from the financial institutions themselves.


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Download here

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