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Our work

Working Groups

Each working group is connected to one of the five commitments of the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge and convenes between 20-50 member financial institutions. In the working groups, members can learn more about biodiversity from experts and share knowledge and best practices between peers.

Under the working groups, there are between 5-10 subgroups (per working group 1-3 subgroups) that create collaborative actions between financial institutions, like producing publications, organising events or webinars, or developing engagements with companies, programs, or sector-wide frameworks on measurement or target setting.

We are currently hosting the following working groups:

  1. Engagement with Companies
  2. Impact Assessment (incl. biodiversity measurement and data)
  3. Public Policy Advocacy
  4. Target Setting
  5. Positive Impact

Members of the Foundation can become active in one, more, or all working groups and subgroups.



Visit our publications page here to discover a wide range of insightful resources produced by the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation.



Discover the collective voice of FfB as we join hands with other financial institutions to advocate for meaningful action on biodiversity conservation. Our joint statements reflect our shared commitment to driving positive change and mobilising resources towards halting and reversing biodiversity loss.


Collaborative Actions

Delve into the collaborative aimed at driving positive change in the realm of biodiversity conservation. Through partnerships and collective efforts, we focus on amplify our impact and foster a movement of sustainability within the financial sector.