Celebrating 10 new Finance for Biodiversity Pledge signatories on the one-year anniversary of the GBF

On 19 December,  Finance for Biodiversity Foundation (FfB) announced the result of the last FfB Pledge signatory round of 2023 on the one-year anniversary of the adoption of the Global Biodiversity Framework at COP15 in 2022. With 10 new financial institutions joining, the FfB Pledge is reaching 163 signatories from 25 countries and representing €21.7 trillion of combined assets (under management) in total.

New signatories and new members

Among the newly welcomed signatories are Aegon U.K., Big Picture Financial Planning Ltd., BPCE Assurances, CDC Croissance, Clear Skies Investment Management, Climate Resilient Africa Fund, ITMO Ltd., Jaguar Legacy Fund GP Inc., NaturAlly AG, and Şekerbank T.A.Ş.

In addition, BPCE Assurances and CDC Croissance strengthened their commitment by becoming members of FfB Foundation, joining the community that also welcomed Front Sentier Investors as a member, a 2021 signatory. This brings the total FfB members count to 76, reflecting a continued growth in support to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2023.

Another significant development for FfB was the integration of Climate Resilient Africa Fund, a signatory from Egypt, as it marked the first presence in the African continent.

Closing the final signatory pledge round of 2023, FfB achieved a new milestone with an increase of €300 billion of combined assets (under management) since the previous round. 

One year after the adoption of the Global Biodiversity Framework  

Reflecting on the achievements of the past year, Finance for Biodiversity Foundation commemorates the adoption of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) during COP15 in December 2022. This historic framework, the culmination of a four-year consultation and negotiation process, outlines four goals and 23 targets with the overarching mission of halting and reversing biodiversity loss by 2030 and envisioning a harmonious coexistence with nature by 2050.

Finance for Biodiversity Pledge

The Finance for Biodiversity Pledge is a commitment of financial institutions to protect and restore biodiversity through their finance activities and investments. The Pledge consists of 5 steps financial institutions commit to take:

  1. Collaborating and sharing knowledge
  2. Engaging with companies
  3. Assessing impact
  4. Setting targets
  5. Reporting publicly on the above before 2025

FfB Foundation and its members

The FfB Foundation is the leading global investor organisation for biodiversity action. Members of the foundation can significantly accelerate biodiversity protection via collaborative action in the working groups covering the following themes: public policy advocacy, engagement with companies, impact assessment, target setting, and positive impact.

New signatory round on 21 March 2024

FfB Foundation will organise another round of celebrating new signatories on 21 March 2024 to celebrate the International Day of Forests. Financial institutions can already sign up before the deadline of 1st March 2024 via our registration page here.