Finance for Biodiversity Foundation welcomes Francisco Botero as team member

We are happy to welcome a new team member to the secretariat of the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation. In this short interview, Francisco Botero, who is joining the team as Technical and Data Associate, shares information about himself.


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Where are you living?

I am currently based in London, UK where I’ve been living since 2019 when I came to do my master’s degree. I love the city’s cultural diversity and deeply value the city’s dynamic environment and the opportunities it offers for connecting with the sustainable finance community.

What is your study background?

In 2020, I completed an MSc in Sustainable Resources: Economics, Policy, and Transitions at University College London (UCL), where I wrote my dissertation on modelling solar energy infrastructure investment networks to identify drivers of rapid decarbonization. I also hold a BSc in Global Resource Systems from the University of British Columbia (UBC), where, other than spending lots of my time outdoors, I specialized in Applied Economics and Latin American Studies. My educational journey has given me a strong foundation in sustainability, economic policy, and quantitative research, helping me better understand the intersections of finance, society, and our planet.

Where were you working before you came here?

I most recently worked at UN PRI as an Associate in the Sustainable Financial System team. There, I worked on a project examining proxy voting recommendations and investor priorities in ESG voting resolutions. I also analyzed both quantitative and qualitative data to support strategic development and collaborated with diverse internal teams to enhance cross-team knowledge-sharing. Prior to that, I worked as a Policy Graduate Intern at FAIRR, where I researched biodiversity and nature risks and contributed to reports on just transitions in animal agriculture.

What makes you excited about working at the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation?

I’m excited to join the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation because it’s a fantastic opportunity to address the crucial challenge of reversing biodiversity loss. The Foundation’s collaborative, global approach to guiding the financial sector is inspiring. I’m particularly eager to work with asset managers and owners who are leading the way in integrating biodiversity considerations into their investment processes. I look forward to helping them understand their impact on nature through working groups and practical publications. Partnering with organizations like TNFD, WWF, and UNEP FI motivates me to help transform the financial world into one that recognizes and protects nature. I’m ready to contribute to the Foundation’s work and help the financial sector become more nature aligned.

Where does your interest in biodiversity come from?

My interest in biodiversity started as a kid, growing up in the mountains of Colombia where I spent time watching birds and animals in their natural habitats. Those early experiences gave me a deep appreciation for the natural world and all its wonders. I’ve always loved being outdoors, and activities like skiing and hiking keep me connected to nature and remind me of the importance of preserving our planet. This connection drives my passion for protecting biodiversity and inspires me to contribute to its conservation.