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Nature Target Setting Framework for Asset Managers and Asset Owners

The second edition of the Nature Target Setting Framework for Asset Managers and Asset Owners beta version was launched during a webinar on 3 July 2024.

Building on the initial guidelines, this second edition represents a major step forward in empowering investors to set ambitious nature targets. It enhances the original framework and introduces new elements to help financial institutions align their investments with nature targets, reinforcing the urgent need to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030.

The scope of this beta version is, for now, listed equity and corporate bonds. 

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Key updates in this edition include:

  • Three Types of Nature Targets: The framework adapts key targets into three categories—initiation targets, monitoring targets, and portfolio targets—providing a clear path towards the implementation of comprehensive portfolio targets.
  • Unified Approach: The revised framework replaces the concept of beginner and advanced tracks with a unified approach, ensuring that all targets are geared towards being achieved by 2030, in alignment with the Global Biodiversity Framework.
  • New ENCORE data: The framework includes new ENCORE data (version June 2024) with an overview of the materiality of each impact driver on nature of the priority sectors. 
  • Impact Drivers Identification: The framework identifies three impact drivers on nature that are material for the 10 priority sectors and for which there is already available data: land use change, volume of water use, and emission of toxic soil and water pollution. 
  • Data-Driven Target Setting: It establishes that sufficient data exists to start setting targets on these impact drivers, presenting concrete examples for investors.
  • Detailed Guidance and Support: The framework offers comprehensive examples, processes, and detailed support to assist investors in setting effective nature targets.


FfB Foundation will collaborate with SBTN, UNEP FI and other organisations in further development of the targets.

Banks are encouraged to refer to UNEP FI’s analogous PRB Target Setting Guidance for assistance in establishing nature targets.