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Top 10 biodiversity-impact ranking of company industries

Four tool providers, led by the FfB Foundation in cooperation with the consultancy Globalbalance, collaborated to create a biodiversity footprint ranking of companies, industries and sectors. The ranking allows investors to identify the sectors with the highest impact on biodiversity and initiate engagement with these.

The main results of the analysis, such as the high impact of the food and beverage sector on biodiversity, are reflected in this briefing paper.

The multi-tool analysis is unique as it combines various methodologies in one study, helping to bring synergies in the results by making maximum use of the different approaches reflected in the different purposes of the tools. It also provides insights on the ‘common ground’ which the tools were able to achieve besides using different approaches.

While information and analysis on climate risk is growing rapidly, it is less mature when it comes to biodiversity. But the level of available data is evolving and methodologies and metrics used to assess biodiversity impact are beginning to gain traction in the market.

Read the briefing paper here

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