We need to talk about biodiversity: Overview of the webinar series 2022-2023

18 December 2023 – Starting in early 2022, the EU Business & Biodiversity Platform, Finance for Biodiversity Foundation, UNEP FI, and the PRI, have joined forces to collaborate on webinars dedicated to advancing biodiversity within sustainable finance. 

Our series, ‘We Need to Talk about Biodiversity,’ aims at supporting financial institutions in their journey to address nature and biodiversity loss. The recordings feature tangible case studies and valuable insights from experts, practitioners, and policymakers.

In this article, you will find a compilation of our past 13 webinars, access to knowledge resources, and details about our next upcoming webinar.

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FfB New Green Shoots Webinar

#1 ‘New green Shoots – the latest innovations in nature finance’

6 January 2022

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Bringing together inspiration for the new year, this first webinar is celebrating finance projects and mechanisms which aimed towards the protection, recovery and resilience of nature.


Webinar FfB Pledge-PRI-UNEP FI Finance biodiversity preview_1637941888

#2 ‘Getting started in nature, biodiversity and finance’

11 January 2022

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Aimed at banks, institutional investors and insurers who are at the beginning of their journey in addressing nature loss, this webinar introduces how nature is connected to climate change and finance, as well as introducing key concepts and initiatives.


Finance for Biodiversity April Webinar Engagement

#3 ‘How to engage with corporates?’

12 April 2022

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This webinar highlights best practices and offers guidance on why and how to engage with companies on biodiversity. Discover a new guide on engaging with companies, published by the Finance for Biodiversity Foundation and the EU Business & Biodiversity Platform.


Webinar - Are corporates ready

#4 ‘Are corporates ready?’

26 April 2022

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This roundtable webinar will examine whether companies are ready and well-positioned for reporting and disclosing on nature-related risks and opportunities. The webinar is focused on financial institutions as report users, but is also relevant for a corporate and an NGO audience.


Webinar - Nature in a Haystack

#5 ‘Nature in a Haystack – How to use publicly available nature-related data’

30 June 2022

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In this webinar, we present the findings from the recently released report ‘Nature in a Haystack: Leveraging public nature-related data in disclosure frameworks’ which identifies the availability and suitability of publicly available nature-related data to support financial decision-making in five case-study countries.


FfBF Image Webinar Biodiversity Measurement_12 July

#6 ‘How to measure biodiversity impact? Guidance on tools and measurement approaches’

12 July 2022

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Financial institutions want and have to measure their impact on biodiversity to be able to halt and reverse the loss. But how to get started, and what approaches are out there? This webinar will update you on the latest developments and approaches based on the revised edition of the biodiversity measurement Guide on biodiversity measurement approaches.


Social Media Card webinar COP15 Oct 2022

#7 ‘COP15 – All about the Paris moment for nature’

31 Oct 2022

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In this webinar, we sit down with Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, Executive Secretary of the CBD to learn about what the financial sector can expect from this ‘Paris moment for nature’, at COP 15. We will also learn about actions taken by financial institutions to support the halting and reversing of nature loss.


Social Media Card webinar Set nature targets

#8 ‘Set nature targets? Yes, finance can!’

15 Nov 2022

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In this session, we have invited top scientists and practitioners from the financial sector. We will learn from financial institutions that are committed to nature, setting concrete targets and monitoring progress, showcasing that it can be done, as well as hearing reflections from scientists.


#9 ‘New Green Shoots – Closing the gap in financing the GBF’

16 Feb 2023

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In this webinar, we present the headline outcomes of the GBF for the financial sector. We will also zoom in on how financial institutions, via blended finance solutions, can help to substantially and progressively increase the level of financial resources from all sources to implement national biodiversity strategies and action plans in line with target 19.


FfB Foundation - webinar stepping up on biodiversity

#10 ‘Stepping up on Biodiversity – How are investors taking action since COP15?’

18 April 2023

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This webinar will explore actions that leading investors are undertaking to contribute to this goal and discuss how investors look to support both climate and nature goals, to align public and private financial flows with the goal to “halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030″.


#11 ‘Investing with a splash – Risks and opportunities in ocean finance’

12 July 2023

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The focus of the webinar was on seafood and deep-sea mining, and speakers also brung forward other ocean-related issues investors should consider.


Turning the tide on plastic waste and pollution

#12 ‘Turning the tide on Plastic waste and Pollution: driving a circular economy for plastics’

24 Oct 2023

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This webinar explores why plastic waste and pollution is a risk to financial institutions and how they can take action to address this issue, ahead of the upcoming third round of negotiations on the UN Plastics Treaty.


#13 ‘Integrating climate and nature action: unlocking the biodiversity-climate nexus’

13 Dec 2023

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New Green Shoots 2024

#13 ‘New Green Shoots 2024: Latest trends and innovations in nature finance’

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