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Impact Assessment

This working group is connected to the third Pledge commitment: assessing impact.

Working group members share case studies, developments on data and tools, best practices and lessons learned regarding different biodiversity measurement approaches.

Under this working group, we have three distinct subgroups:

  • TNFD consultations responses
  • Climate/Nature Nexus

A subgroup has mapped the existing data (providers), methodologies, scientific approaches and regulatory requirements to analyse what data is missing and needed to be able to cover all biodiversity topics.

In 2023, subgroups will update two guidance documents, one on biodiversity measurements and the other on how to integrate biodiversity into financial decision making.

Publications: For more information on the two guidance documents, please see our Guide on biodiversity measurement approaches the Guide on biodiversity integration by financial institutions.


Liudmila Strakondonskaya 

ESG Analist at AXA IM

Steve Freedman

Head of research and sustainability, Thematic Equitie at Pictet