Join our webinar on 13 April: Tracking top biodiversity impact sectors

The Finance for Biodiversity Foundation and the  EU Business & Biodiversity Platform organise a webinar on top biodiversity impact sectors identified by using footprinting tools.

Webinar: Tracking top biodiversity impact sectors with footprinting tool collaboration

13 April 2023, 2-3pm CEST

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Investors seeking to identify companies to engage with on biodiversity face multiple challenges. 

While information and analysis on climate risk is growing rapidly, it is less mature when it comes to biodiversity. But the level of available data is evolving and methodologies and metrics used to assess biodiversity impact are beginning to gain traction in the market.  

Four tool providers, led by the FfB Foundation in cooperation with the consultancy Globalbalance, collaborated to create a biodiversity footprint ranking of companies, industries and sectors. The ranking allows investors to identify the sectors with the highest impact on biodiversity and initiate engagement with these. 

The main results of the analysis, such as the high impact of the food and beverage sector on biodiversity, are reflected in a briefing paper that will be launched during the webinar. 

The multi-tool analysis is unique as it combines various methodologies in one study, helping to bring synergies in the results by making maximum use of the different approaches reflected in the different purposes of the tools. It also provides insights on the ‘common ground’ which the tools were able to achieve besides using different approaches. 

We have invited the tool providers involved in the analysis as well as the consultants guiding the study to provide insights on why the study matters to identify high-impact sectors and industries for engagement. 

Also contributing to the webinar are financial institutions which supported the pilot as part of scoping work for the collaborative engagement program Nature Action 100 (NA100), for which the FfB Foundation will be co-leading the Technical Advisory Group. 

Download the program of this webinar here.